Conference Rapporteurs

Two General Rapporteurs were responsible for feeding the outcomes of the conference back to participants. The General Rapporteurs were:

  • Mary Joy Pigozzi (Academy for Educational Development, USA; UNESCO High-level Panel for the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development). Ms. Pigozzi captured the outcomes of the plenary sessions and the high-level segment.
  • Kartikeya Sarabhai (Centre for Environmental Education, India). Mr. Sarabhai captured the outcomes of the conference workshops.

Four thematic cluster rapporteurs worked with Kartikeya Sarabhai and synthesize the outcomes of the workshops belonging to a thematic cluster:

Cluster 1: "Relevance of ESD for key sustainable development challenges"
Hilligje van ’t Land, International Association of Universities

Cluster 2: "Building partnerships to promote ESD"
Overson Shumba, Zambia, UNESCO Monitoring and Evaluation Group

Cluster 3: "Capacity Development for ESD"
Konai Thaman, Fiji, International Advisory Group of the World Conference

Cluster 4: "ESD and the teaching-learning process"
Miriam Vilela, Brazil/Costa Rica, UNESCO Reference Group for the UN Decade of ESD

General and cluster rapporteurs were also members of the drafting group for the Bonn Declaration.