D'Artois, Janine

Information Du Public Et Projets Intersectoriels, Commission Française Pour L'Unesco, France

Chargée des projets intersectoriels de la Commission française pour l'UNESCO et particulièrement de l'éducation au développement durable et aux droits del'homme. Ma longue vie professionnelle a débuté dans les clubs UNESCO jusqu'à la Commission française pour l'UNESCO, c'est dire mon engagement à promouvoir les programmes de l'Organisation sur des sujets qui relèvent de ma compétence comme ceux cités ci-dessus.

Dammer, Lara

Bimun/Sinub E.V., Germany

I am a student of Political Science with a focus on international relations. My fields of interest are development policies, the UN and theories of international relations. Before the conference, I will take part in the youth workshop.


De Bisschop, Jan

Department Of Foreign Affairs, Flemish Commission For Unesco, Belgium

I am since 2006 the Secretary - general of the Flemish Commission for Unesco (Belgium). Due to Belgium's federal state structure two regional Unesco Commissions operate in Belgium.


De Haan, Gerhard

Department Of Education; Future Studies, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Chairman of the German National Committee on ESD; research specialisation on educational studies, cultural history, knowledge society, educational future studies.


De La Pomerai, Garry

Safer School Construction, UK Agndr / Cogss Dpe / Isdr Tpk&E, United Kingdom

Global advocate & consultant for safer school construction and DR Education at all levels promoting collaboration between all UN, Governmental & NGO agencies within global/regional initiatives and community based projects. Co founder of the Coalition for Global School Safety Disaster Prevention Education: COGSS DPE.


De Souza, Alba

United Kingdom

I work for the UK National Commission for UNESCO, responsible for the Education Sector in the UK. Born in Kenya, I worked as an Educational Planner in the Kenya Ministry of Education. I am now a UK citizen and I am a member of the Governing Board of the Council for Education in the Commonwealth.

Denis-Lempereur, Jacqueline

French Committee For The Desd, France

Secrétaire Générale du Comité national français de la Décennie des Nations Unies de l'Education pour un Développement durable. Jacqueline DENIS-LEMPEREUR a été journaliste scientifique pendant 18 ans, spécialisée dans les enquêtesd'investigation dans le domaine de l'environnement et du développement durable et a animé des groupes de travail sur les médias et le développement durable.

Dieckmann, Annette

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Natur- und Umweltbildung Bundesverband e.V. (ANU) , Managing Board, Chairwoman, Germany

Annette Dieckmann, Dipl.-Biol., war von 1990 bis 2000 als Umweltpädagogin im Naturschutzverband LBV tätig. Ihre Erfahrungen bringt sie seit 2000 als Leiterin verschiedener BNE-Projekte bei der ANU ein und vertritt den Verband seit 2001 als Vorsitzende, u.a. im Nationalkomitee der Deutschen UNESCO-Kommission für die Weltdekade der Vereinten Nationen „Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung".

Doria, Miguel F.

Unesco, France

I am a member of the secretariat of the International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO, where I have been working to strengthen freshwater education at all
levels. I am also the focal point for the thematic programme of Education for Sustainable Water Management of the DESD.

Dulin, Antoine

Scouts Et Guides De France, France

Responsable national 14-17 ans chez les Scouts et Guides de france, mouvement d'éducation populaire de 66 000 membres en charge des questions d'éducation au développement durable.

East, May

Gaia Education, United Kingdom

May East is an educator, working internationally with intergovernmental agencies both educationally and in the creation of policy guidance for sustainable development and delivery of village-scale sustainability programmes. May East is the Director of Gaia Education, a thinkthank of experienced sustainability educators with academic and professional backgrounds in a wide range of disciplines. The major achievement of this consortium to date has been the development of the Design for Sustainability Curriculum, which draws from the experience and expertise of a network of some of the most successful ecovillages and community projects across the Earth.

Eck, Matthias

Education, Science And Youth, Austrian Commission For Unesco, Austria

BA in Modern History and Modern Languages, MA in International Affairs. Working for the Austrian National Commission since 2008.

Eduard, Altarriba

Eds Intervida, Spain

Graphic design and illustration professional with humanities background. Leads Intervida ESD department in developing innovative approaches to education for sustainable development. Projects place special emphasis on new technologies, such as the SOL project, an interactive print and online magazine for children (http://sol.intervida.org).

El Ansari, Walid

Faculty Of Sport, Health & Social Care, University Of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Professor El Ansari is Chair of Public Health, University of Gloucestershire, Gloucester, UK. He carries a PhD in Public Health and a second PhD in Education. He leads the Sustainable Development and Wellbeing research strand at the International Institute of Sustainability University of Gloucestershire.

Emig, Jutta

Fundamental Social and Policy Issues, Cooperation with NGO’s, Head of Divison, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in Berlin, Germany

I work at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in Berlin, where I am in charge of the Division for Fundamental Social Policy Issues. My work includes maintaining contacts with social groups, promoting projects in the field of environmental protection and nature conservation, and the subject of education for sustainable development.

Emmerich, Melanie

Pädagogik, Universität Koblenz-Landau, Germany

I'm living and working for new ideas and concepts. I think the most important thing is to find out how to develop the idea of education for sustainable development. So that one day everyone in this world can understand his own responsibility and integrate it in his own life.

Engelken, Steve

U.S. Mission To Unesco, France

Mr. Engelken is currently Charge d'Affaires of the U.S. Mission to UNESCO. He is a career diplomat who has served previously in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, France, and Australia.

Eussen, Jos

Board, Rce Rhine-Meuse, Netherlands

Jos Eussen is director of the RCE Rhine-Meuse, KidsLive! Foundation and the National Network for Training Entrepreneurship. Together these organizationsconstruct, nurture and uphold an extensive network of private companies, science institutes, educational and governmental institutions with the aim of achieving life long learning practice that combines formal, non formal and informal learning on themes most relevant to a more sustainable future. The joint concept brought into practice, while being further developed throughout thecoming years, called OPEDUCA (development of Open Educational Regions), will manifest local effectiveness in one line with global thinking and action.

Farstad, Halfdan

Policy Analysis, Lifelong Learning And International Affairs, Ministry Of Education And Research, Norway

Sociologist and former lecturer and teacher trainer. Areas of work: UNESCO, International Development Cooperation. Specialisation: Vocational education and training / training for production.


Finlayson, Ann

Sustainable Development Commission UK, United KingdomAs Education and Capability Commissioner for the Sustainable Development Commission, the work entails advising, building capacity and monitoring the progress the UK government is making towards its own sustainable development strategy and action plans. I also run a charity dedicated to enabling more of the education system to engage with ESD in an effective way.


Fowler, Claire

Department For Children Lifelong Learning And Skills, Welsh Assembly Government, United Kingdom

I lead on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship for the Welsh Assembly Government. The work covers schools, youth work, further education, workbased learning, higher education and adult and community learning.

Frankovic, Maja

Croatian Embassy To France, Unesco, Croatia

University professor, author of new curricula and diplomat at Permanent delegation of Croatia to UNESCO.

Franz-Balsen, Angela

University Of Luxembourg, Belgium

Angela Franz-Balsen is an expert in environmental and sustainability communication, currently teaching ESD at Luxembourg University and working on a national strategy for ESD in Luxembourg. Her research interests are gender issues and professional development in ESD.

Frei, Evi

Abteilung I/2, Austrian Federal Ministry For Science And Research, Austria

I support education for sustainable development in the universities.